2018 NYR#1 – I Intend to Be Happier with my Health and Body Image

This year I’m determined to not only feel comfortable in my own skin, but hella good, strong, and proud about it (2018 is going to be the year of all the bikini photos!).

DSC03880 - edited
Cute AF workout outfit: Forever21 & Surprisingly comfortable heels: Zara & Bag: Fendi

I intend to achieve this through a game plan comprising of three things: Exercise, Diet, and a fundamental shift in Lifestyle.


  • Core: Yoga classes during the weekdays & walking to and from work (5kms)
  • Backup plan: Home training videos (my favorites for legs, thighs, stretching, waistline, and abs are all linked) & jogging on the stream


  • Core: Eat salads for weekday lunches & intermittent fasting
  • Backup plan: Smarter food/menu choices (e.g., black coffee > caramel frappuccino, fruits and veggies > crisps, etc.),


  • Steady sleep cycle (7-8 hours sleep), standing at the desk for 3+ hours during the day, good posture
  • Backup plan: Massaging, etc.
DSC03882 - edited
Braided Peekaboo Bag: Fendi

I’m tracking my body metrics (weight, fat, muscle, body age, etc.) every Saturday morning. I’ve decided with every milestone achieved, that I’ll do something to celebrate it!

  • 53 – wear a miniskirt
  • 52 – hair styled by a professional
  • 51 – get a new set of glasses
  • 50 – go to the gym in bra-top and yoga pants
  • 49 – wear white skinny jeans
  • 48 – wear white yoga pants
  • When I feel ready – wear a bikini!
DSC03881 - edited
Heels: Zara

I’ve struggled with body image since a very young age when I  transitioned from living in the cornfields of Illinois to the concrete jungle which is Seoul at 7 years old. This brought a change in the way that I was perceived and also the way I became aware of myself. In Illinois, I was surrounded by all different skin tone hues, eye color, upbringing, and personality. Everyone was beautiful in their own way, and I never felt compared and judged for what I was born with.

Arriving in Seoul, I quickly found that beauty was standardized and formulaic. Pale skin, oval shaped face, large eyes, double eyelids, a sculpted nose bridge, slender frame and body structure all contrasted with what I was and continue to be. I didn’t make any conscious effort to conform and told myself that my tanned skin, monolid eyes, and strong bone structure were fine,  but it would be a lie to say that it didn’t eat at me inside.


Body image and fitness, health don’t always go hand in hand; especially given that the former is more psychological and the latter is physical. I believe that in the process of working towards my desired physical outcome, I’ll begin healing and mending mentally as well. Do you have any tips on losing weight and being happier with your body shape? I’d love to know!

When you see bikinis and tight outfits on this blog, you’ll know I’ve succeeded.





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